The following performers have been carefully selected based on recommendations made by library professionals and programmers.

Please consider these as friendly suggestions.  REFORMA does not, however, endorse them or their products, or reap any monetary benefit from these recommendations.  We reserve the right to include those who are submitted to us by librarians and “reformistas.”

If you are a programming librarian and would like to recommend a storyteller for your geographic region, please e-mail or send us a message in our Tell Us page.

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Storytellers in the U.S.:

Storytellers have been grouped by region.


Panchita Acevedo – California – Mexican-American storyteller offering bilingual English/Spanish programs about the Chicano movement.  Also performs as a duet with Patti Christensen.

Rose Cano – Washington State – Founded eSe Teatro and North-South Conexions Project, a cultural exchange project between artists of North and South America.  Uses instruments from around the world to tell stories and songs from Latin America.

Patti Christensen – California – Performs bilingual English/Spanish storytelling with Panchita Acevedo.

Marco Cortes – Washington State – Performs Latin American music for kids.

Nora Girón-Dolce – Washington State – Award-winning author, actress, singer and storyteller. Member of the writers’ group Seattle Escribe. Contact:

Tania Hino – Washington State – Experienced a storyteller, early learning education specialist, and group facilitator. Her work has been featured in Seattle Public Libraries, the Henry Art Gallery at UW, and Seattle Public Schools. Contact:

Angela Lloyd – California – Bilingual English/Spanish storyteller, sometimes accompanied by a washboard, spoons, an autoharp, bell, or ukulele.

Olga Loya – California – Tells personal and family stories of growing up in East Los Angeles, folktales, myths, and legends.

Antonio Sacre – California – Bilingual English/Spanish storytelling focusing on Mexico.


Sandra Aguirre-Magaña – Texas – Educator, trained storyteller, and writer. Most of the stories she tells are original stories that were inspired by her grandmothers’ entertaining tales from their childhoods in Mexico. She performs different versions of La llorona, El cucuy, y Las manos peludas that most Mexicans grew up hearing. Member of Tejas Storytelling Association. Contact: or 915-540-9305.

MaryAnn Blue – Texas – Spanish teacher, performer, and storytelling coach. Contact:

Elida Bonet – Texas – Bilingual English/Spanish storyteller and singer. Contact:

Joe Hayes – Texas – Presents English and Spanish tales of La Llorona and El Cucuy.

Liz Mangual – New Mexico – Liz’s signature participatory, bilingual storytelling draws on her Creole roots that reach to Spain, Africa and the island of her birth, Puerto Rico. She celebrates language and culture with tales that span the whole range of human experience, from foolish children, talking hummingbirds, not-so-smart ogres, and wise old women. For more info go to

Rosalía de Aragón – New Mexico – Bilingual English/Spanish storyteller and singer. The timeless story of La Llorona comes to life in her interactive presentation with renowned flamenco guitarist Estevan Pacheco. Contact: or (505) 238-4068.

Consuelo Samarripa – Texas – Bilingual English/Spanish storyteller, keynote speaker, and workshop presenter. Part of Texas Touring Roster.

Jose Sanchez – Texas – Bilingual English/Spanish storyteller. Member of Tejas Storytelling Association. Contact: or 210-683-6477.

Don Sanders – Texas – A singer, songwriter, storyteller, recording artist, and novelist who performs stories and songs (Cuentos y Canciones) as well as Siempre Listo, Ever Clever.

Sue Young – Texas – Bilingual storyteller and singer.


Mama Edie Armstrong – Illinois – Tells stories in English, Spanish, and sign language.  Also uses percussion.

Dan Keding – Illinois – Has an arsenal of stories from many different cultures including Latin America.


Bobby Gonzalez – New York – Performs bilingual English/Spanish stories and songs.  Contact:

Gregory Pedroza – New York – Blends English and Spanish languages to tell stories of his growing up in a barrio in Texas.

Regina Ress – New York – Bi-lingual and all-Spanish programs of Latin American and world folk tales. English programs of Aztec and Mayan myths. Has performed in English and Spanish across the US, and International Storytelling festivals in Spain, Tenerife, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador.

Leeny Del Seamonds – Massachusetts – Has a diverse repertoire of 50 minute programs including folk tales, anecdotes, and personal stories.


Carrie Sue Ayvar – Florida – Bilingual storyteller who used to live in Mexico.

Tersi Bendiburg – Georgia – Tells stories about her native Cuba and about her travels to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America.  Contact: or 770-621-8151.

Carmen Agra Deedy – Georgia – Bilingual English/Spanish storyteller and author whose commentaries have been featured on NPR.

Faye Hanson – Arkansas – English language storyteller with bilingual program available.

Barry Stewart Mann – Georgia – Bilingual English/Spanish storyteller.  Performances include Un Mundo de Cuentos, Juan Bobo, The Tricks of the Coyote, and Tales from Mexico, Mallorca, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico.

Freda Mosquera – Florida – The magic and beauty of South American stories told by writer, storyteller, and librarian Freda Mosquera. Contact: