Noche de Cuentos 2012 launched!

Noche de Cuentos 2012

For Immediate Release
January 15, 2012

REFORMA announces Noche de Cuentos 2012

North Miami Beach, FL – REFORMA: The National Association to Promote Library & Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking is announcing Noche de Cuentos 2012, a family literacy focus program generously initiated by the American Library Association as part of ALA President Camila Alire’s Family Literacy Focus Initiative, and generously supported by Lorito Books.

Noche de Cuentos will be celebrated the week of March 18 – 25, 2012 in conjunction with World Storytelling Day, observed during the spring equinox on March 20th.  On World Storytelling Day, as many people as possible tell and listen to stories in as many languages and as many places as possible, during the same day and night.

REFORMA invites families from Latino communities across the United States to join the global community in the celebration of World Storytelling Day and gather at their libraries to share stories, songs, and experiences from their families, their communities, or their countries.

“REFORMA believes that storytelling and the oral traditions are key in the transmission and preservation of culture, as well as a significant tool in developing literacy skills,” says Lucia Gonzalez, Past-President of REFORMA.  The mission of Noche de Cuentos is to promote and preserve the art of storytelling within our Latino communities in the US.  “The significance in the event lies in the fact that it is the first global celebration of storytelling of its kind,” says Gonzalez.

For more information, please contact Lucia M. Gonzalez (

Lucia M. Gonzalez
Immediate Past-President, 2010-2011
REFORMA: The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking

Previous News


  • Noche de Cuentos website is launched, an effort conducted by REFORMA and the ALA Emerging Leaders Team N: Tina Chan, Johnice Dominick, and Alicia K. Long.
  • A Noche de Cuentos event took place during the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, TX, on January 21, 2012.

Read the Noche de Cuentos at Midwinter 2012 report.


  • REFORMA’s Fourth National Conference (RNCIV) took place in Denver, CO, in September 15th – 18th, 2011.

An amazing night of storytelling was presented for the occasion, including local storytellers from the Colorado area.  The event was celebrated in conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month.

Read the Noche de Cuentos at REFORMA National Conference press release.

Watch the videos of the REFORMA’s Noche de Cuentos in Denver.


  • The American Library Association’s president, Dr. Camila Alire, launched the Family Focus Initiative.

Read the press release for Family Literacy Initiative 2010.

Read Dr. Alire’s interview on our history page.

  • REFORMA launches Noche de Cuentos as response to the Family Focus Initiative.

Lucia Gonzalez and Oralia Garza de Cortez, members of the Noche de Cuentos Task Force.


REFORMA thanks Lorito Books, our first national sponsor, for their generous support and commitment of the Noche de Cuentos program!

Pam Fochtman, president of Lorito Books, states,

“Noche de Cuentos and Lorito Books share a similar mission, so the sponsorship was a perfect fit.  Lorito Books is an audiobook publisher, and an audiobook narration is in many ways like oral storytelling.  Both experiences create a connection between the narrator and the listener, and can make a good story even better.  They both develop listening comprehension skills and engage the listener on more sensory levels, creating an experience that is more memorable than simply reading the story.  Just like the experience of a family listening to a great audiobook in the car, the Noche de Cuentos events create a shared experience for families and their communities.”

Visit Lorito Books and tell them that you found them through Noche de Cuentos!